August 29, 2011

The Dub Below

[Mixtape] The Dub Below presented by The Notes Music Group & SMKA

Track List:

1. Black Ice X Ellie Goulding – Lights
2. Rosa Parks X Rusko – Everyday
3. Bombs Over Baghdad X Freestylers – Cracks
4. International Players Anthem X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)
5. Wheelz Of Steel X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)
6. Jazzybelle X J Padron (Dubstep Remix)
7. Skew It On The Bar-b X Dillon Francis – Swagger Jagger (Remix)

*Hulkshare Download*

If you are from Atlanta, Outkast is the most influential and creative artists in hip-hop history. Their legacy continues to shape the creative sound coming from the south, and they have directly influenced many of the most talented artists coming out of Atlanta today. The Dub Below is an ode to Outkast. This project infuses some of Outkast’s most memorable records with Dubstep, a genre that has reshaped the nightlife/club scene and has begun to have a major influence on hip-hop as well.

Produced and Mixed by J Padron
Mastered by Max “Bedroom” Unruh

August 25, 2011

August 16, 2011

Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound In A Dark

My favorite song of all time.

The Rolling Stones - Gimmie Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix)

Raw, love it.

Caspa & Rusko - Rock Bottom

"It's a lot quieter on the way down than the journey up. No one wants you around when you've got nothing left. I wanted out so badly but I couldn't just walk away with nothing"

Slow song, clean drops.

UK <3

August 14, 2011

Randy Crawford - Street Life

"Prince charming always smiles behind the silver spoon."

Throwback, but you gotta admit she spoke some truth in that song.

Caspa & Rusko - Born To Do It

Yes, I was born to do it... So were you.

August 12, 2011

Lil Wayne ft. Drake - She Will

As promised, Lil Wayne just released his fourth single off The Carter 4. C4 is set to drop August 29th. You can listen to it below, or hit the hulkshare download for your own copy. Stay up.

August 9, 2011

Caspa & Rusko - Well'ard>The Drop>Hammertime>Mr. Chips

Off the album Fabriclive 37...

Just for clarification for those who don't know...

UK Dubstep > US Dubstep (period).

USA has rap/hip-hop, UK has drum n' bass and dubstep.

Filthy, dirty, classic.

Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know

These UK boys know how to produce some fucking dubstep... Fuck all this American-ized Skrillex (overhyped) bullshit, bastardizing the genre. This is the real deal folks. UK producers wipe the floor with their American counterparts - and thats just me being real with ya. Thank you for listening to my mini-rant, have a nice day!

August 8, 2011

J. Cole - Roll Call

Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop

So with Watch The Throne just coming out yesterday and one of my favorite tracks on the CD being "Who Gon Stop Me" I thought it was fitting to put the original track up here that they sampled for that song. I must admit that the original (this song) is much better than the Jay-Z and Kanye version... but eh, such is life.


Ill load up the Jay & 'Ye track as soon as a decent video makes youtube, or i'll just make my own once I get some coffee in me.

Gorilla Zoe - King Kong

August 1, 2011

Asics - Gel Lyte III Monster Sneakers

I just saw these on the internet while looking for sneakers... fucking awesome. You can cop 'em off the Alife website but they are limited edition and $200 a pop. Still, these are ill if you can find a pair.

And in black...