January 26, 2011

Game drops "Purp & Patron" (mixtape) + (.mp3)

Since Latifah Muhammad from www.TheBoombox.com puts it much more succinctly than I seem to be able to these days, i'll let her synopsis speak for itself, quoted of course:

While the release of his long-awaited 'The R.E.D. Album' is on hold, Game is still dropping new music, this time courtesy of his latest mixtape, 'Purp & Patron.' The project, which was available for download on Monday (Jan. 24) received close to 10,000 downloads soon after it hit the 'Net. Clearly proud of his efforts, Game took to his Twitter page to congratulate himself. "I usually don't even listen to my own music but this Purp & Patron is a f---in problem," he wrote Tuesday (Jan. 25).

The 29-track double disc mixtape features a hefty guest list including the likes of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Travis Barker and Rick Ross. A joint effort between Game and longtime collaborator DJ Skee, and hosted by Funkmaster Flex, 'Purp & Patron,' is exceptionally put together, making for the perfect prefix to what fan's can expect on his official album release. Featuring a bevy of radio ready tracks, 'Purp & Patron,' is a prime example of the music magic that can be made, minus the push of a major label." (From www.theboombox.com)

Here i've got you a single mp3 from the album that was leaked first, and then after that the entire album/mixtape will be available here for download as well! Games Red Album is gonna be hot I predict... if it could just hurry up and get here... fucking labels and their infinite push to keep us waiting.


Game - The Ocean (prod. Dr. Dre) [single .mp3]

Game - Purp & Patron (prod. Dr. Dre) [mixtape .zip]

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