May 7, 2012

Meek Mill - Ready Or Not

off dream chasers 2. this song is better then the one posted last night. less dj drops, higher quality recording, etc... download full mixtape: Meek Mill -

"the meek shall inherit the earth
so i'ma own this bitch until i'm buried in dirt
i only roll with niggas that'll carry me to my hearse
blessings from my grandma, she carried me to that church
and i don't know why i just feel like i'm the one
they labeled me a victim but now look what i've become
or should i say became, i don't do it for the fame
i'm from where they never make it, but i went against the grain
charges all there cause my name, assasination to my character
lifes a bitch, she cheated on me but i married her
niggas gettin' murdered, this shit is getting scarier
dodgin' all the potholes, jumpin' all the barriers

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